CHEMCAD empowers you with design, testing, and analysis tools to tackle a wide range of chemical processes vital to pharmaceutical success.

CHEMCAD for Pharmaceuticals

In the pharmaceutical industry, R&D chemists and plant and process engineers use CHEMCAD to tackle a variety of critical use cases. Chemical process optimization, facility expansion, and retrofitting--the list goes on. Industrial applications for CHEMCAD include:

  • Intermediate manufacturing
  • Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (API) manufacturing
  • Pharmaceutical research and development
Lab scientist testing solutions


  • Create or model non-standard components
  • Easily switch from a design case to a rating case
  • Seamlessly scale up from lab to bench to plant
  • Tailor existing equipment to accommodate process changes


  • Customizable components in process design and analysis
  • Existing equipment templates applicable to future simulations
  • PPM and PPB tolerance calculations for purity assessments
  • Extensive set of unit operations with multiple icon options
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“A pipe fouling issue had plagued the feed to a particular distillation . . . it was decided to look at a simulation of the column on CHEMCAD . . . As a result, $120,000/year of steam was saved.”

— Senior Principal Engineer, Performance Chemicals Co

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