Using CHEMCAD for environmental point-source emission calculations

CHEMCAD mascots in an illustration At some point in the design or operation of chemical processes, you may need to satisfy regulatory compliance by doing emission calculations. Rather than use separate (possibly non-rigorous) tools, we’d encourage you to use the CHEMCAD models you may have already built for your processes.
Our good friend, Dr. Jeff Silverstein, has written a thoroughly-referenced paper that walks through two examples of charging empty vessels based on the US EPA’s publication: Methods for Estimating Air Emissions from Chemical Manufacturing from Volume II: Chapter 16 of its Emission Inventory Improvement Program (EIIP).

The Chemstations User Portal provides access to both Dr. Silverstein's paper and the CHEMCAD example simulation files referenced in the paper. Licensed CHEMCAD users can log into the portal here.

Please have a look to see if you can take advantage of his long experience in the field to speed up and improve your environmental compliance calculations. We, and Dr. Silverstein, welcome your feedback for potential future papers in this area.