CPA Global Litigation


This website provides information about legal claims against CPA Global. It does not describe services offered by CPA Global and is not produced by or affiliated with CPA Global. To visit CPA Global's website, click here.


In order to join the claim, you must have renewed at least one patent within the past 10 years through CPA Global and have a contract with CPA Global that uses a Jersey “Governing Law” clause. To find out more, please select the "Register" button.



The litigation will be conducted by international law firm Kobre & Kim LLP and leading Jersey law firm Baker & Partners, working with patent renewal consultant Peter Rouse. Omni Bridgeway has put in place funding to pursue the claims. Click for more.

Media Contacts

Kobre & Kim LLP
Tim O'Keefe
+1 202 664 1905

Baker & Partners
Louise McNamee
+44 1534 766254

Peter Rouse
+44 7737 128174