CPA Global Litigation

Omni Bridgeway has put in place funding for current and former CPA Global clients to pursue legal proceedings to recover unauthorized charges for patent annuity payment services.  

Investigations have uncovered evidence that suggests CPA Global charges fees for patent renewal services that are consistently and significantly more than what is allowed for under its service contracts with clients.

Any litigation will be conducted on a no-win, no-fee basis for eligible current and former CPA Global clients who enter into a funding agreement with Omni Bridgeway. If claims are not successful, you will owe nothing.

To find out more or to register your interest, click here, email, or call one of the numbers listed below. Registration is free and without obligation.

  • United States/Canada: +1 833 204 1724
  • United Kingdom: +080 0051 9071
  • Australia: +1 800 290 544
  • Hong Kong: +800 93 1430
  • Japan: +00 6633 81 3893
  • South Korea: +00 7981 4203 1827

The Claim

CPA Global has been sued twice in recent years based on allegations that it has included unauthorized charges in its invoices to clients. The company recently agreed to settle one of the suits, a class action filed in the U.S. commonwealth of Virginia, for US $5.6 million for allegedly overcharging more than 3,000 clients. In the other litigation, the claimant alleged unauthorized charges estimated at 90%+ more than above what should have been charged.

We have analyzed CPA Global invoices and developed a methodology to calculate what we believe its charges should have been. This methodology has allowed us to quantify unauthorized charges:

CPA Global Litigation

CPA Global's standard renewal services contract allows it to charge: (i) a specified "administration charge"; (ii) pass-through charges comprising agent and official fees; and (iii) foreign exchange costs.

Unauthorized charges give rise to a claim for breach of contract and recovery of those charges. 

Why Join

Financial Recovery. We have assembled a premier global litigation team to pursue the claims in the Island of Jersey. If you have renewed patents through CPA Global during the past 10 years, you may be entitled to financial compensation. 

Simplicity. Joining the potential lawsuit is straightforward. Once you confirm that you wish for us to act for you, signed the funding agreement with Bentham, and provided copies of your CPA Global renewal services contract along with invoices received, we will be ready to proceed. 

No-Win, No-Fee. If you sign a funding agreement with Bentham, the litigation will be fully financed, with no cost-risk to you. You will not be required to pay any fees unless your claim is successfully resolved and then only from sums recovered. If the suit is not successful, you will pay nothing.

Who Can Claim

To be eligible for funding, you (i) must have used CPA within the past 10 years to renew one or more patents and (ii) have a renewal services contract governed by the law and courts of the Island of Jersey.

Not all CPA Global renewal services contracts have a Jersey "Governing Law" clause. Please check your contract to confirm this before registering for more information. The "Governing Law" clause is usually found in Section 12 of the Terms and Conditions attached to renewal services agreements and commonly appears as follows:

12. Governing Law: These conditions and any contract made under them shall be governed by and construed in accordance with Jersey law and the courts of Jersey shall have exclusive jurisdiction.



This website provides information about legal claims against CPA Global. It does not describe services offered by CPA Global and is not produced by or affiliated with CPA Global. To visit CPA Global's website, click here.


In order to join the claim, you must have renewed at least one patent within the past 10 years through CPA Global and have a contract with CPA Global that uses a Jersey “Governing Law” clause. To find out more, please select the "Register" button.



The litigation will be conducted by international law firm Kobre & Kim LLP and leading Jersey law firm Baker & Partners, working with patent renewal consultant Peter Rouse. Omni Bridgeway has put in place funding to pursue the claims. Click for more.

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